Sunday Morning Worship: beginning at 10.30am

Our worship service is usually of one hour’s duration, during which we do a number of things which follow the Independent Methodist order of worship. We have prayers, hymns, Bible readings, preaching, and times of sharing. Twice each quarter we hold a communion service, as we share bread and wine together in remembrance of and an encounter with Jesus our Saviour.   Some of our services are led by our own members, and our Minister, and we have visiting preachers too, who bring God’s word to us. We ask our preachers to help us to understand the scriptures, and interpret them to us, helping us to commit our lives to the Lord, and live as led  by the Holy Spirit.
The Sunday School children share with the rest of the congregation at the beginning of the service, then leave after a while, for their activities in the hall. On the first Sunday of each month, we hold a family service, where we aim to bring all age groups together, as part of God’s family. The style and content of worship is modified accordingly.

Sunday Evening Worship : 6.00pm

The evening service is of a similar pattern to the morning worship, with perhaps a more reflective nature, and is followed by a prayer group. We believe that prayer is vital in God’s work, and that He hears and answers the prayers brought to Him in faith and trust.


At the main worship services the majority of hymns are to an organ accompaniment, but we also use the piano, and other instruments from time to time. Recorded music is used as we feel led. Most of the time we use screen projection for the hymns, which are mainly chosen from the Complete Mission Praise Hymnbook.
Our Church Organist is John C. Blyth.
Services At South Hylton
Other Services
The Church is solemnised for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

 Parents wishing to have children baptised, or dedicated, should contact the Minister, preferably at a Sunday Morning Service, to discuss details for such a service.

 Weddings need to be arranged in a similar way.

 Funeral arrangements need to be made jointly with an Undertaker and the Minister, as soon as possible, whether the services are to be held in the church, and /or at the crematorium or cemetery.

 Arrangements for blessings, or special prayers should be made with the Minister, or the church Secretary.
“I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord””.
Psalm 122 verse 1.